Salaf-us Saliheen Wahabi Salafee Jamath
The Righteous & Pious Predecessors The Wahabi Sect which mislead Muslims by claiming to be Salafees
The Islamic definition of Salaf-us-Saaliheen (Saaliheen Predecessors) defines three, and only three, generations of ‘Ulama who expounded Islamic Law (Shari’ah):

1.) Sahaba Ikram,

2.) Tabi’een,

3.) Taba’at-Tabi’een.

Founded By Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab Al-Najdi, 1100 years after Salaf-us-Saaliheen. As such they do not fall under the category of Salafees. It is only a deceivement of Muslims by Wahabis using the term SALAFEES!
Never Killed Muslim Men, Women & Children Killed thousands of Muslim Men, Women & Children
Never made Properties of Muslims as halal to loot & plunder, they protected them Passed a Fatwa making it legal to loot & plunder Muslims property of those Non-Wahabis.
Protected Women & Children at times of War, Never a rape in their history. Raped & Killed Muslim women & girls in the name of Wahabism.
Never Killed Muslims Ulemas in the name of Islam Killed hundreds of Muslims Ulemas who refused to follow Wahabis doctrine
Never banned Hajj for Muslims Banned Hajj for Muslims who would not convert to Wahabism
Never Joined hands with Kaafirs against Muslims Always joined hands with Kaafirs against Muslims
No Muslim was killed with the Help of Kafirs Killed 1.500.000 Muslims with the help of Kaafirs
Never destroyed Mosques Destroyed hundreds of Mosques
Never made a alliance with Zionists to attack a fellow Muslim nation Had War games to attack Iran, after finishing with Iraq
Never Called Muslims as Kaafirs Called 1.6 Billion Muslims as Kaafirs except for their small few million Wahabis!
Never planned to destroy the Zeyarath of Holy Prophet (Sal) Planned to destroy the Zeyarath of Holy Prophet (sal) of many occasions and only stopped in their tracks as Turkey stooped them with a threat of War.
Supported Muslims in the Jehad against oppression & occupation Signed Peace Accord with Anti-Muslim forces and withdrew support against the Muslims Jehad fighters, who were fighting against Oppressors of Muslims who have occupied their homes.
Never terrorized anybody in the name of Islam Terrorism is the hallmark of Wahabi Salafism
Created positive awareness of Muslims in the eyes of Non-Muslims Destroyed the positive attitude of non-Muslims on Islam to Anti-Muslims attitudes.
Propagated Islam without compulsion and with a living example Wahabis try Blackmail, Suicide Bombs, Terrorism & Petro Dollars as means of propagation.
Love Holy Prophet (sal), His Family & Descendents more than their own selves & families. Hate Holy Prophet (sal), His family & Descendants, Destroyed their homes, Zeyaraths & banished the descendents out of Arabia.
Loved & Followed by All Muslims’ Hated By Muslims as a cancer in Muslim society
Love Muslims & Helped the Muslim caliphate Hate Non-Wahabi Muslims and destroyed Muslim Caliphate.