I have never seen anyone better than you
Nor did any woman give birth to anyone more beautiful than you

You were created free from all faults
As if you were created just as you desired

if a wahhabi sees this poem only 4 thigs he will know….

1. shirk!!!!!
2. Kifr!!!!!

why does Wahhabi say that…its coz of his ignorentness of loving the prophet & best joke is they call them selves the Salafus salihoon

Anyway who wrote the above poem…???

None other than a Salafus Salihoon by himself…Hazrat Hasaan bin thabit (Allah be pleased with him)!!!!!

the words were

Wa ahsanu minka lam tara qattu ‘ayniy
Wa ajmalu minka lam talidinnisaau

Khuliqta mubarra-an min kulli ‘aybin
Ka-annaka qad khuliqta kamaa tashaau

Hearing this….did the porphet say…”Ya Hasan this is SHirk??? Dont prasie me../??


but he asked dua “Ya Allah help hassaan with Ruh ul Quds”