Tahdhir al nas and Shaykh Qasim Nanotwi:1

Tahdhir al nas ( Tahzeerun naas ) and Shaykh Qasim Nanotwi

What is the Deobandi belief with regards to Khatme nabuwwat ? And what does Deobandi book say on this topic?

Here are a few quotes from their book.

Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanotwi wrote a book named “Tahzeerun Naas” in which he wrote:

The common folk, the general populace thinks that the meaning of the saying ‘RasulAllah saws is the Seal’ means that his time is after the time of the earlier prophets and that he is the last of all the prophets. However, people of discerning know that there is no speciality in being earlier or later.

Suppose if there is a prophet born ever after the time of RasulAllah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there shall be no difference in his being the Seal. So it wouldn’t make any difference if there is a prophet in his own time on a different planet, or even on this very planet

In a letter to Maulana Muhammad Fazil, Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanotwi wrote:

“The meaning of Khatam al-Nabiyyin according to those who look at literal meanings is that the time of the Prophethood of Muhammad is after the time of the Prophethood of all other Prophets and that no other Prophet can come afterwards. However, you know that this is something in which there is neither praise nor any harm.

Please keep in mind the above claim while reading these narrations

Regarding grave of Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee

” It is the kashf of Mawlana Rafeeudden sahib mujaddidi naqshbandi, fomer Incharge of Darul uloom deoband that the grave of Mawlana Qasim nanotvee,founder Darul Uloom Deoband, is with in the grave of some prophet ( nabee).

( Mubasshirat, page 36,published by Darul uloom deoband)

Sawaneh Qasimi is a book written by one of the famous scholar of Deoband, Mawlana Munazir Hasan Gilani. It is a Biography of Mawlana Qasim Nanotvee. It is published by Darul uloom deoband.

It says

“One day mawlana Qasim nanotvee said to his spiritual guide ( murshid) Haji Imdadullah “when ever I sit with prayer beads(Rosary) I feel great difficulty. I feel as if some one has placed heavy stones of 100 tonnes on my heart and tongue and everthing freezes”

To this Haji Sahab ( Shaykh Imdadullah) replied:

” it is a blessing of Nabuwwat similar to which prophet( sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) used to feel while he used to get revelation ( wahi), Allah has chosen you for that work which is done by prophets”

( sawaneh Qasimi , vol 1, page 259)

The Exact urdu wordings are

“yeh nabuwwat ka aapke qalb per faizan hota hai aur yeh wah siql hai jo huzoor sal allahu alaihi wasallam ko wahi ki waqt mauhsoos hota tha ,tum se haq taala ko wah kaam lena hai jo nabiyon se liya jata hai ”

Arawahe salasa is a book which deals with narrations and incidence of famous Deobandi scholars. It was written by Ameer shah Khan and Mawlana Zaheer hasan kasuri. Mawlana Asharaf ali thanvee wrote hashiya ( commentary) of it. It is one of the famous book of ‘hakayat” and teachings among Deobandis. It is easily available. It is also called ‘ shahan dehli, aslafe deoband and hakayate awliya.

It states
” Hazrat Gangohi ( Rashid ahmed) asked his student Mawlana Mohammed Yahya sahib Kandhalvee to look for some ruling in the book Shami . Mawlana Yahya replied that the particular ruling is not present in the book”. Hazrat Ganho said how can this be possible? Bring the book to me. The book was brought infront of Hazrat (Rashid Ahmed gangohi).

At that time hazrat ( Rashid ahmed) had already lost his eye sight. He took the book and turned two-third of the pages to the right and one third to the left and opened a page and said ” look on the bottom side of left page” . It was found that the ruling was very much present there. Every one was amazed. Hazrat ( Rashid ahmed ) said ” Allah has promised me that he will not let anything wrong come come out of my tongue”

( Arwahe Thalasa, page 292)

But this is not the end. Look at what Mawlana Asharf ali thanvee wrote in commentary to this incidence

” It can be an incidence of coincidence ( that the exact page got opened) but this is not the case. It was the kashf of mawlana , otherwise he ( Mawlana Rashid Ahmed) would not have said this with so much emphasis that” look at that place”.

Do we still remember?

” to have this belief that prophet had the knowledge of the unseen is clear shirk”
( Fatwa Rashidia, by Mawlana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi)

Here is another interesting incidence

” One day Hazrat (Rashid Ahmed) Gangohi was in high spirits ( josh) and the topic was regarding” tasawware shaykh”. He said ” should I speak”? People said ” yes ,please. “.
Hazrat ( Rashid ahmed) again said ” should I speak”? People again said ” yes, please”.
He again said ” should I speak”? People said ” yes, please”. Then hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed) said ” for three continuous years face of hazrat Imdadullah has remained in my heart ( qalb) and I have not done anything without taking his permission”. Then Hazrat ( Rashid Ahmed) got more excited and said ” should I speak”. People said ” please ,do”.

He ( Rashid Ahmed) said ” for so many years prophet (sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) remained in my heart and I did not do anything without taking persmission from prophet”. ( foot note: I do not remember how many years was said by Khan sahib).After saying this Hazrat got more excited and said ” should I speak”. People said ” please, do”. But he remained silent. When people requested him he said , just leave it.

( Arwahe Salasa, page 292)

It is well understood that what Mawlana Rashid Ahmed wanted to say further!

What is to be noted that Mawlana Rashid Ahmed said for so many years prophet has remained in his heart. He did not say ‘ noor’ of prophet or ‘face ‘ of prophet! But prophet himself! Was the blessed grave of prophet empty during those years? So what will happen to that argument given by Mawlana Asharf ali thanvee in which he said

‘ if Mawlid gathering are conducted at many places simultaneously, then how will prophet decide where to go and where not to’?

( Fatwa Imdadiya, vol 4, page 58)

Another famous well wisher and supporter of Deobandi thinking was Mawlana Aashiq ilahi meerathi who wrote ‘Tazkiraturrasheed” which is a biography of Mawlana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi in 2 volumes. It was published by Deoband.

Mawlana Aashiq Ilahi writes that many a times he has heard that Mawlana Rashid ahmed gangohi said this
” Listen.! Truth is what comes out of the mouth of Rahsid Ahmed and I testify that I am nothing but in this era guidance and salvation ( hidayat wa najaat) is only through following me ( ittiba).

( Tazkiraturrashid, vol 2, safa 17)

Here is another interesting incidence.

Mawlana Aashiq Ilahi merathi narrates this dream from Munshi Ameer Ahmed of Agra. Please read this incidence and try to recall the hadith of Thuwayba in Sahih Bukhari who was a freed slave by Abu Lahab.

” There was a shia from (the town of ) Gangoh. He died and I saw him in dream and caught hold of his thumbs. He was terrified and asked me what do I want? I asked him how was he condition after death? He replied that he is in severe torment and during his illness( when he was alive) Mawlana Rashid Ahmed went to see him and those places of his body where Mawlana has touched is safe from torture. All other parts are under torture. After that I got up from my sleep”

( Tazkiraturrashid,volume 2,page 324)

A similar incidence is mentioned in the same book.

” There was a servant of Mawlana Ismail. When he died ,some one saw him in dream. His full body was burning on fire except his palms. The man ( who saw this dream) asked him , how he was doing? He replied that he was being punished for his bad deeds and his whole body is under fire except his both the palm as he used these palms to touch the feet of Mawlana ( Ismail) and it was said ” We feel ashamed of burning those palms” .

( Tazkiraturrashid,vol 2, page 72)

If any Deobandi has any of these belief than it is upto them.

But please do remember what Deobandis said about our prophet. Insha Allah I will translate from Taqwiyatul Iman and show how much disrespect has been showed in this book.