Assalamu Alaykum wa raHmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu!

Azhar University has accepted a postgraduate student to carry out a PhD research against Imam-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat AlaHadrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan (may Allah have mercy on him) titled “al-Bareilwiyyah”. It would be a shame if we do not make any effort to stop this right away. The grandson of Imam-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat Hudoor Taajush Shari’ah Mufti Akhtar Rida Khan al-Azhari (may Allah Ta’ala preserve him) has already taken action and has faxed Shaykh al-Azhar!

Could we all please take a moment and email al-Azhar to disallow this work as it will tarnish the reputation of the Univeristy in the Sunni world.

Step one: Copy and paste this passage into your email:

نحن أغلب صوفية العالم الإسلامي نستنكر ونشجب محاولة إدارة الأزهر بتكفيرعامة المسلمين باسم التحقيق عن البريلوية، علما بأن هذا العمل سوف يؤثر مكانة الأزهر الشريف في العالم الإسلامي


We the overwhelming majority of the people of tasawwuf from over the world strongly condemn and denounce the takfir being issued on masses of Muslims in a research work being carried out on “al-Bareilwiyyah” as this will destroy the lofty reputation of Azhar in the Islamic world.

STEP 2: Sign the email off with your FULL NAME & COUNTRY.

STEP 3: Hit the SEND button on your Email Now to: info@azhar.edu.eg

STEP 4: NOW, forward this email on to every Sunni contact/mailing list. This is work of the Maslak and the Azhar administration need to be aware of our MASSIVE PRESENCE and feelings.

Email Now and Do Not Delay!!

Many thanks to Sayyid Wajaht Rasool al-Qadiri of Idarah Tahqiqat Imam Ahmad Raza (Karachi) and Shaykh Munawwar Ateeq al-Qadiri (UK) for his activity and letter in this regards.