Deadly blasts hit Sufi shrine in Lahore

Two suicide bombers have carried out a deadly attack on a Sufi shrine in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore.

At least 42 people died in the blasts at the popular Data Darbar shrine late on Thursday evening, officials say.

At least 175 other people were hurt in the attack, believed to be the first to target a shrine in Lahore.

Thousands of people were visiting the shrine at the time, officials say. It holds the remains of a Persian Sufi saint, Abul Hassan Ali Hajvery.

Every Thursday thousand’s people come to visit Data Dara from across the country. Hundreds of Auwlia and Sufia come for meditation and stay overnight near the Mazar Sharif. It was the end of the weekly Milad Mehfil at Data Darbar and Du’a was about to start when blew themselves.

Their actual target was the Qabar (grave) and the Mazar (shrine) of Hazrat Data Ali Hajweri. They tried to destroy the Qabar and the Mazar, one went down in Langar-Khana in basement which is the nearest place to original Qabar and the second blew himself over ground just 30 feet next to the Mazar-Sharif. Though many innocent Muslims lost their lives but the Mazar and Qabar-Sharif of Data Ali Hajweri is safe (completely unhurt).

Pakistani bomb disposal expert uses a metal detectorScene of blast at Lahore shrineShocked relative at shrine in LahorePeople grieve at scene of bombingDamage to the shrine caused by the explosionsInjured taken away from scene of the blastInjured child carried from sceneInjured taken away from scene of the blast


Look at these pictures, how suicide-blasts shattered the buildings and ground……… look at the 1st picture in above post, one bomber blew him in basement and 2nd over ground just 30 feet away but the Mazar Sharif is completely unhurt.

Lahori’s love for Data Sahib is unparalleled; Alhamdulillah, Mazar Sharif is safe, Allah forbid if it would have been hurt, our people should have started burning houses/madrasas of wahabis and killing them on the streets. Though we are not involved in any violence but we are not defenceless.

PS: Tumharey chanhe walley sar kataney say nahi darety.


May Allah Ta’ala grant the shaheed a high maqaam in janna and grant a speedy recovery to those injured.
Ya Data Ali Hajweri! These people have declared war on the Awliya of Allah !