Front Cover, Dala’il un Nubuwwah, Published by Dar al-Kutub al-Ilmiyah, Beirut, Lebanon

A person used to visit Uthman bin Affan on a personal errand. Uthman bin Affan not only was indifferent to him but also turned a deaf ear to his need. That person met Uthman bin Hunayf and lodged his complaint against it. Uthman bin Hunayf said to him: fetch an earthen pot and perform the ablution, then go to the mosque and offer two cycles of prayer and say: O Allah, I beseech you and submit myself to you through the mediation of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), a merciful Prophet. O Muhammad! I submit to my Lord through your means so that He should fulfil my need. And then mention your need. The man went away and he did as he was told to do. Later when he arrived at Uthman bin Affan’s door, the porter caught him by his hand and took him to Uthman bin Affan who made him sit beside him on the mat and asked him: what is your need? He mentioned the need and the caliph fulfilled his need and said to him: why haven’t you mentioned your need so far? He told him further: do come to me whenever you have a problem? When the man left his place, he met Uthman bin Hunayf and said to him: May God bless you! He neither gave any thought to my need nor turned his attention to me until you recommended me to him. Uthman bin Hunayf replied: By God! I did not say this, but once I was in the company of the Messenger of Allah that a blind man came over to see him and complained to him about the loss of his eyesight. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) asked him to be patient, but he said: O Messenger of Allah! I don’t have any servant and I am in great trouble. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: fetch an earthen pot and perform the ablution, then offer two cycles of prayer and implore Allah with these praying words. Then Uthman bin Hunayf said: By God! We had neither gone out far away from the meeting nor had the conversation among us stretched out that the man came running to us as if he had never been blind [Dala’il un Nubuwwah Volume 006, Page No 167-8]

Imam Mundhiri (rah) graded it Sahih (sound). [at-Targhib wat-tarhib Volume 001, Page No. 474-6]