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Kingdom’s progress march on


Published: Sep 23, 2010 01:07 Updated: Sep 23, 2010 01:07

Meanwhile, Saudi flags were selling like hot cakes across the Kingdom on Wednesday. Flags of varying sizes and other types of Saudi memorabilia, such as caps and stickers carrying the national emblem of two swords and a palm tree, have been in great demand.

The items are even being sold at traffic signals for anything between SR5 and SR15.

Car body workshops have also been busy over the last week decorating the cars of young Saudis with the color green and using the Saudi logo.

The National Day fever is so intense this year that the day is also being celebrated online. Many young Saudis have changed their Facebook profile pictures and avatars to images with a green Saudi theme. Blackberry users have also been forwarding pictures and messages that suit the occasion.

Meanwhile, traders in Madinah are offering 50 percent discounts on items to celebrate the day. A newspaper publisher has also been offering reduced subscriptions, while communication companies are offering 50 percent reductions in prices.

Special events will be held at Madinah’s Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Sports City and King Fahd Park. There will also be a fireworks display at the city’s Equestrian Club.

A special function is also to be held on Thursday evening at the Prince Sultan Civilization Center in Hail with the support of Hail Gov. Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen. The celebrations, which are open to all, will consist of cultural programs, folk dances, art shows and competitions.

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A day of pride, patriotism Saudi Gazette report


ACROSS THE KINGDOM – Folk art performances, poetry recitals, children’s theater, and plays telling the story of the unification of the country by King Abdul Aziz in 1932 were the highlights of functions organized Thursday across the Kingdom to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s 80th National Day.

Youth painted and dressed in the Saudi colors (green and white) celebrate the Saudi National Day with patriotic fervor. The honking of the horns and blaring of music blended with the beats of the drums and the stomps of feet that danced the impromptu jig on the streets as cavalcade of cars and motorcycles jammed the streets of major cities of the Kingdom in a display of a sound that was just music. Banners proclaiming the support for their leaders and mini flags in the hands of women and children highlighted the nationalistic display. People gathered in the Jeddah, Dammam and Alkhobar corniches to watch the fireworks and enjoy a nightlong picnic. Folk artists and singers too contributed to the celebrations with performances in various cities. (AN photo by Abdullah Bazuhair)

The most important question here is:
Why do saudis celebrate their national day. The reason is because Allah almighty blessed them and sent them mercy on this day and there own country called saudi arabia was BORN, So what the saudi people are doing is remembering that event that took place when their country was born/created/established. How do saudi celebrate it, By waving flags(identity of the country) , serve food, meet other people, congratulate other people, talk about the country, history, progress, the good things happened, achiement, have a big gathering of people and celebrate etc etc

Why do sunnis celebrate eid milad, simple because on that day Allah almighty blessed us with a great great mercy and our Prophet pbuh was born. So what we do is remember and celebrate that even that took place. How do sunnis celebrate it. meet other people, talk about the Prophet pbuh qualities, high status, remember the even that took place, what happen etc, serve food, wave flags in happiness, have a gathering, talk about improving islam dawah, being good muslims.

If you break them down like i done above, then you think to your self why is one bidah and other is allowed Whistling They exact same celebrations and rememberence. Only different is both are thanking Allah almighty for what they consider the biggest mercy from Allah almighty.