I say

that the Shah of Irbil. Malik Muzzafar Abu Saed Kokabri Ibn Zayn-ud-din Ali bin Tabaktakin was a "GENEROUS, MIGHTY MASTER AND UPRIGHT RULER AND HIS WORKS WERE VERY GOOD" . He built Jamiya al Muzaffari near QasiyunDuring Rabi ul Awwal he used to "CELEBRATE MAWLID ASH-SHARIF WITH GREAT CELEBRATION ( )" Moreover, he was "BENEVOLENT, BRAVE, WISE, A SCHOLAR AND JUST PERSON" Rahimuhullah wal Ikraam Sheikh Abul Khattab (rah) wrote a book on Mawlid an Nabwi for him and named it At-Tanwir fi Mawlid al Bashir al Nazeer, for which he gave him 1000 dinars. His rule stayed till the Rule of Salahiya and he captured Aka and he remained a man worthy of respect. Al-Sabt mentions that a person attending the gathering of Mawlid held by Muzzafar said: He used to fill the table with 5000 well cooked goats, 10,000 chickens, 100-thousand bowls (of milk) and 30,000 trays of sweets..

The narrator explains that During Mawlid he used to hold great gathering of "SUFIS AND ULAMA AND HE USED TO GRANT THEM GIFTS" (Next Page): He used to arrange Sama for Sufis from Dhuhr till Asr in which he himself did Raqs. [Note: Raqs is proven and allowed in Shariah, It should not be mixed with vulgar dancing of west done on music] and he had built a Dar ul Ziafat for everyone who came no matter what position the person held, and he used to give sadaqat for Haramain Shareefain and also used to get many prisoners free from Farangis (i.e. white people probably Christians/Jews), It is said that he got 60,000 prisoners free from them.