Imam Dhahabi, Tarikh al-Islam: wa-tabaqat al-mashahir wa-al-a`lam, Publish: Dar al-Kutub al-Arabi Beirut/Lebanon

Sultan Muzafar udin Abu Saeed Kokabri (rah), the Husband of Sultan Salah Udin Ayubi’s (rah) sister the celebration of Mawlid by them is liked by Scholers of Islam and and filled their books with it, this thing is not accepted by todays so called Salafis/Wahabis so they did great Forgeries in their books and tried to defame him but the one who Loves to celebrate Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) birthday how can Allah insult him? and once against wahabis forgery is caught.

Imam Dhahabi (rah) write about them with much Detail and Explained alot of his quotes , Imam Dhahabi writes that King Abu Saeed Kokabri used to give alot of Sadiqa and offered salat regularly, He (Sultan Muzafar udin Abu Saeed Kokabri) was to built hospital for ill and blind and used to go to visit them on every thursday, He built seperate houses for orphans same for women, He specially used to go to hospitals to visit them in hospitals, built seperate Madaris for Ahnaaf and Shawafa and for sufis he built Khankaas. Words cannot explain the way in which Mehfil al-Mawlid Mustafa (Peace Be Upon Him) was celebrated by Malik al-Muzafar, People used to go to such mehfils happily from Arab and Iraq, and used tosacrifice cows camils and goats in large number and alot of types of food was made, He used to arrange Mehfils for Sufis and used to do Khutbats in huge grounds.and used to spend alot of money in them, Ibn dhaya when wrote a book on ‘Mawlid un Nabi’ so he gave him One Thousand Dinaar, he was a happy and pious Sunni, he used to love Fuqaha and Muhadiseen alot, …….One person in those Mehfils of Mawlid used to say that 100 beaufitul horse used to be there for Salami, I saw Five Thousand stiched heads, Thousand hens, and one lakh Milk Filled Cups, and 30000 Sweet Dishes were seen on Mehfil al-Mawlid. [Imam Dhabai, Tarikh al-Islam: wa-tabaqat al-mashahir wa-al-a`lam Volume 45 Page No. 403]

Imam Dhahabi (rah) writes that this King was of good ‘Iqhlaq’ and ‘Helpful’ and used to have Ahl as-Sunna’h (Sunni) beliefs, he used to respect ‘Fuqaha’ and ‘Muhaditheen’ and had a very good heart. [Imam Dhabai, Tarikh al-Islam: wa-tabaqat al-mashahir wa-al-a`lam Volume 45 Page No. 404]