Are 1.2Billion of Muslims in the World MUSHRIKS? is Zakir Naiks teacher Ahmed Deedat also a Mushrik?


Dr.Zakir Naik said that :

"celebrating birth days of personalities & celebrating birth days of those who have died, this leads to Shirk. Like celebrating birth days of religious leaders weather it be Jesus Christ (pbuh), weather it be Buddha, weather it be any messenger. Celebrating that is Haram because that comes in worship, celebrating birth days of religious personalities, or any Hero, that leads to Idol worship"


But this is what his teacher Ahmad Deedat said years ago :

"There are millions of Muslims, including my self, I don’t mind having a birth day celebration of the prophet (SAW)"


Now its very clear that Dr.Zakir Naik is saying that his teacher was a Mushriq. On another occasion Dr. Zakir Naik prayed for his teacher Ahmad Deedat saying "I pray to Allah (swt) that may he grant Jannah for Sheik Ahmad Deedat". But wait, how can Dr.Zakir Naik pray for the Jannah for a Mushriq ?