How to: Financial Independence

I’m sure all of you aspire to be financially independent as early as possible (like I do) so that you can enjoy your life before it’s too late to do so. So what are the options we have to make some money? Let’s take a look at few of them one by one.

1. Stock Markets: It involves a great learning curve and if you successfully manage to crack the underlying concepts which guide market movements then you are well on your way. But investing in markets is not the same anymore like it was couple of decades back. I’m sure you might have seen those forwards where in they present if you had invested 1000 Rs. in Infosys then it would be some crores today and things like that. You cannot really expect this now especially when people who are managing these companies will do anything to corner the money and eventually the scam exposed organisation will die a slow and painful death.

2. Being born with a silver spoon: Another reason why few people are filthy rich is because they’re fortunately born in a very well off family. Do I need to explain this anymore? You are reading this article because your case is definitely not this. Why will Vijaya Mallya’s son ever visit my blog to read this article?

3. Marrying a rich girl: Again this is not Bollywood. It may often happen in movies and eventually it’s the producer who’ll get all your money. So snap out of your dream!

4. Gambling: Just go to any mathematician and ask him if he would bet his fortune in any of those options available at a casino. He wouldn’t. It’s not rocket science to see that those games are made to profit the casino and not any of the gamblers. That’s why casinos never go out of business. We have enough rich people who’ll do them just for the showoff. It’s cool to hang out in a casino with your girlfriend and strike some business deals with like minded people. If you can afford it then do it šŸ™‚

Now I’m already running out of options! Do you think there are any more which can be discussed here. I’m sure there are lot more. But they all have one or the other problems associated. What to do?!

What if there was an option where you don’t invest too much initially, and you get back the initial investment very quick too, and then have an amazing potential to create wealth for you? I’m talking about earning in lakhs per month. Even software engineers in our country don’t earn so much till half of their life is wasted.

Well, by now if you’ve guessed that I’m talking about networking business models then you are absolutely right! Wait, you said they’re all frauds? I too thought so few years back and never got into any of them. But when I started following the wealth making strategies from the well known Gurus like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett and many many others I saw that I had made a mistake not accepting that option. Just pick up any of their investment books or audio books and you’ll see that they ask you to get into a trusted MLM company as soon as possible. They all very well know the earning potential these strategies have. I won’t go much detail into this discussion now.

Now, I said, the company has to be trustworthy which is absolutely mandatory. They should be paying out their members honestly and promptly. It should be a registered company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs. You can check if the company is listed in their database online . You can check this here. Next, there should be a clear explanation about the flow of money, who funds the company, why they distribute so much money. I’ve taken a lot of time to verify all these facts in my networking company and found everything to be legitimate. I’ve seen my friends bank statements for fund deposits from this company, spanning from few thousands to few lakhs in many cases.

Apart from all the above factors, there is one very important factor which will decide how successful you’re going to be in your venture. That is it’s current reach. This company was operating in many countries except India and it has recently come here to explore it’s opportunities. As of now there are 6 lakh members in India. Do you know the urban population in India? (forget total population). I’m sure I don’t need to explain this.

So this is an awesome opportunity for you guys. Make hay while sun shines. Get into it and change your life forever. Thousands of people are getting added per day. I hate forcing anyone into this. Just take your call.